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Maria is our office manager and a graduate of the University of Texas at El Paso. Maria has been part of MRG for a year.  She is responsible for day to day office operations, such as scheduling appointments and maintaining our office data.


Jasmine has been part of MRG for 3 years. She runs the payroll department. She oversees all payroll accounts and assists in audits needed for workers compensation and general liability insurance. She also specializes in Certified Payroll.

​​Myrna is our licensed insurance customer service representative in property and casualty and a graduate of Southwest University. She has been with MRG of Texas for 4 years. She assists our clients with all their insurance needs. She specializes in large commercial trucking and construction insurance.


Gilbert Esparza III, has been a lifelong resident of El Paso, his formal education background expertise is in Marketing (BBA) and Finance. As a third generation restaurateur he spent 25 years in the food service industry running the family business his Grandfather started in 1932. He bought MRG of Texas in 2002, at the time the company was floundering, over the next eight years, under his direction, MRG of Texas has grown into a business that is known and respected in the Southwest and beyond. He has recently overseen its expansion into Houston and Atlanta. He is a licensed P & C agent and has vast knowledge in the area of commercial P & C, auditing GL and workers compensation policies, and claims management.  Above all he is a family man, along with his wife Elena, he is fully engaged in the raising of  his two daughters . He is a member of several professional organizations as well as local charitable foundations. He has served on several educational boards and was a founding member of the El Paso Academy Charter School.​


MRG of Texas is a management company.  We help companies of all size control the costs associated with employees, insurance and day to day operations.  Our firm was founded in the late 1990's by Gilbert "Gil" Esparza in response to a need he found existed in the small to medium size business community.  While owning and managing his families iconic El Paso restaurant "La Paloma" for over 25 years, Gil became a sought after consultant to the Southwest's food and beverage industry.  Gil found that many of the companies he worked with needed help in controlling employee costs and in many cases were unfamiliar with legal requirements for federal, state and local employer regulations.  Many of the companies he worked with were spending more time dealing with employees and insurance issues and less time dealing with their clients and growing their businesses.

Over the years in his consultancy role and based on many of the challenges he faced as a small business owner himself, Gil became more and more familiar with the solutions that helped small companies succeed, grow and improve their bottom line.  Employees are a critical component to delivering the services and products that companies provide.  Gil founded Management Resource Group of Texas over ten years ago in order to help many of these clients develop winning strategies in dealing with the complicated but critical arenas of Human Capital and business insurance protection. 

Over ten years later, MRG of Texas has become a critical component to a vast number of companies success across many industries and business sectors.  MRG is a key partner to our clients, helping them control the direction of their business by offering them high levels of service and a hands on approach to the day to day details of business management.  We take the hassle out of payroll processing, insurance programs and work for our clients in finding the best solutions for each unique companies needs.  While managing your payroll and the cost of properly protecting your business from loss in todays quickly changing environment, you cannot afford to just stick with what you have.  MRG will find the best way to get you back to running your company and protecting what you have worked so hard to build while we take care of the rest​